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Introducing EU Mediation

Expanding from our work with UK Mediation, our EU branch has been set up to provide high-quality training and services across Europe and beyond.

Based in Ireland and operating across Europe, EU Mediation aims to resolve unnecessary, damaging, or poorly-managed conflict. We understand how people get into conflict, how they behave when locked in dispute, and what they need from an impartial third party to be able to move beyond it.

We work with all types of interpersonal conflict, including workplace, commercial, and family relationship disputes, and use only the most experienced and talented mediators and adult educators.

Our unrivalled and quality-assured services and training courses, delivered in English, have been used by hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals around the world: avoiding lengthy, formal, and litigious processes, and saving time, money, and stress.

Why EU Mediation?

Trained to excel

All of our mediators and trainers have been trained to the highest level. Our practitioners are qualified mediators and Adult Educators, and many hold further training in specialist areas.

Experience counts

Between them, our practitioners have delivered thousands of mediation cases and training courses, and draw on their extensive experience to provide our high-quality services.

Top accreditations

We have all of the usual accreditations that you would expect, and we are currently the only mediation company to hold the internationally-recognised ISO:9001 Quality Assurance Standard.

Tailored service

All of our mediation services and training options can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, ensuring that you get the most benefit out of what we can offer.


We don't wash our hands of you after taking part in our services or training. We pride ourselves on keeping in touch with people and making sure that your requirements have been met.

Here to help

We are always more than happy to provide advice and guidance on our mediation services and training. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

How can we help?

“Advancing mediation practice by going deeper.”

Dr Mike Talbot

MA, MSc, D.Psych.

Meet Dr Mike

Restore dialogue.
Repair relationships.
Rebuild teams.

Our relational model of mediation has arisen from twenty years of our pioneering work in conflict resolution.

It allows us to define how and why mediation works, explain and predict where conflict comes from, and helps us to continually improve what we do.

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The Psychology of Conflict

Learn more about our approach to conflict resolution with this recent webinar, produced by our sister organisation, UK Mediation.

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