Mediation training for groups and teams

Train your team in mediation and conflict resolution.

Unresolved or poorly managed conflict can be a massive drain on organisational resources. Learn how to deal with conflict more effectively through one of our in-house training courses and you can save a lot of time, money, stress, and distraction.

We offer a range of market-leading, English-speaking mediation training courses, delivered in-house for organisations across mainland Europe. These can be delivered for groups of 6 to 12, either on-site at your premises or online via Zoom or Teams.

Alternatively, if you want to attend a training course as an individual, we also run open-access courses in the UK. Visit our sister organisation, UK Mediation, to find out more.

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Why train with us?

Trained by mediators

Who better to teach you about mediation than an actual mediator? All of our trainers are also actively practising mediators with a wealth of experience to call upon.

Global recognition

We have trained people from all over the world with hundreds of testimonials to show for it. Our training courses are also recognised worldwide thanks to the unique accreditations that we hold.

Quality assurance

We are the only mediation company to hold the ISO:9001 Quality Standard. You can be assured that all of our training courses are delivered in a quality-focused manner.

Post-course support

We don’t wash our hands of you after your training course. We are always available and happy to discuss how you can use your new-found conflict resolution skills.

Online experience

The majority of our courses are delivered face-to-face, but can also be delivered online. We are experienced online trainers who know how to get the most out of these platforms.

Browse our in-house courses

The Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate


This 40-hour professional mediation qualification, delivered face-to-face or in a blended format, qualifies your organisation's delegates as 'Accredited Mediators'.

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Workplace Mediation Skills

Short skills

This two-day course, delivered on-site or online, equips delegates with the skills required to practice facilitated conversations in the workplace. It combines a small amount of theory with plenty of practice, and builds up your delegates' confidence and competence as dispute resolvers.

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Understanding Mediation

Short skills

This one-day course serves as a great introduction to using mediation and is suitable for all levels within an organisation. Delivered on-site or online, it gives delegates a clear understanding of what mediation is, how it is used, and what it can and can't do.

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Manager as Mediator

Short skills

This one-day masterclass, delivered on-site or online, draws on a collection of the skills used by mediators, coaches, and counsellors. It gives your managers the confidence and competence to use some mediation skills right away, and briefly explores the psychology behind workplace conflict.

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Confident Conversations

Short skills

This one-day programme teaches your delegates how to plan, initiate, and manage a discussion about sensitive topics. Delivered on-site or online, the course shows you how to stay in control of the conversation and ensure that you meet your objectives.

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Conflict Resolution Skills

Short skills

This one-day course, delivered on-site or online, offers a practical grounding in the skills and knowledge required to resolve conflict. The course equips delegates with an understanding and a skillset to be able to resolve both their own and others' conflict.

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Mediation Refresher

Next steps

Dust off your mediation skills and get a reminder of some key concepts in interpersonal mediation with this one-day refresher course. Delivered on-site or online, the session also provides expert input on specialist topics tailored to your organisation.

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Case Supervision

Next steps

Case Supervision, delivered as a ½-day or 1-day online session, is a structured way of getting consultative support, allowing you to develop your skills beyond what you learned in your training, and helping to ensure that you are mediating effectively, professionally, and safely.

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What our clients say

"A very informative and useful course that can be applied to everyday life. I learnt a lot about what mediation is and how the process functions, and it was useful to have a go at being a mediator in practice."
Chungki Tseng International Atomic Energy Agency
"The training was very well prepared and tailored for our needs. The trainer was excellent in leading the group through the course."
Joanna Glab European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
"The trainer was very experienced and had a great knowledge of mediation. Their input in the sessions was very helpful and of great value."
Patricia Maes Innovative Health Institute
"This experience has been very beneficial to me and to the organisation. I feel that the role plays were especially useful in demonstrating the different characters that a mediator is likely to come across."
Madonna Henry St Helena Government
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have a learnt a huge amount about conflict resolution. I now feel confident with the stages of mediation."
Sharlene Lima Citizens Advice Bureau Gibraltar
"The level of commitment and knowledge from the trainer has, not only made the experience enjoyable, but has provided me with the tools needed to succeed as a mediator."
Steven Hall Northern Ireland Civil Service