Mediation Services

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Early and informal resolution that saves you time, stress, and costs.

Over the past 23 years, we have been applying our unique conflict resolution approach to a wide range of disputes: giving people an opportunity to air their grievances, build understanding between one another, and get their relationship back on track.

Our mediators are highly experienced in resolving a wide range of interpersonal disputes, whether it be between work colleagues (both teams and individuals), family members, or people involved in a commercial dispute over goods or services.

Our English-speaking mediation service operates throughout mainland Europe and beyond, and works best when delivered face-to-face at your location. Alternatively, services can also be delivered online either on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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Workplace Mediation

Our workplace mediation service can be used for disputes involving up to three parties, as well as entire groups and teams. Issues could include personality clashes, miscommunications, grievance-type issues, and low-level cases of bullying and harassment.

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Commercial Mediation

Our commercial mediation can keep the process of resolving financial or contractual disputes simple. It can be used to address business disputes, contractual issues, certain cases of debt, personal injury claims, copyright and IP disputes, and small claims.

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Family Relationship Mediation

Our family mediation service can help families who want to stay together, but is not suitable for those who are in the process of divorcing. Mediation can be used to resolve communication breakdowns between family members, personality clashes, and conflict arising from critical incidents.

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