Dr Mike Talbot

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Transforming conflict, building dialogue, and maintaining people's relationships.

Mike is a highly-experienced psychotherapist, mediator, trainer, lecturer, and the founder of both EU Mediation and UK Mediation. With over 25 years’ experience in the conflict resolution field, Mike specialises in applying his knowledge of psychological processes to the resolution of interpersonal disputes.

Mike's unique approach to conflict resolution involves looking at the psychology behind why we get into conflict, how we behave when in dispute with others, and what we need from an impartial third party in order to help us to resolve our own issues.

Mike can advise on the best way to get to the heart of conflict, whether that means using our own expert mediation service, or having us come to you and train your delegates in conflict resolution. Mike has brought together a highly-skilled team of mediators and trainers, and helps to maintain our industry-leading quality standard with his personal expertise and ongoing supervision.

“As a mediator, I provide a safe, confidential, and neutral environment in which everyone can start to build better dialogue.”

Dr Mike Talbot

MA, MSc, D.Psych.

About EU Mediation

Mediation training

Working with the team at EU Mediation, Mike has developed a suite of training courses based around his unique psychotherapeutic approach to conflict resolution. Mike and his team want trainees to gain a thorough understanding of the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that can get in the way of the resolution of conflict.

Our training courses

Mediation services

Mike’s unique approach to the conflict resolution has led to him being in high demand as a practising mediator. Alongside our panel of mediators, his work includes workplace mediation, resolving interpersonal and family matters, and addressing team and group conflict.

Our mediation services

Case supervision and consultancy

Mike is highly qualified and experienced as a clinical supervisor, and regularly offers expert case supervision and practice consultancy for mediators. He runs regular supervision groups for organisations and offers one-to-one case supervision to independent mediators.

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Speaking and press

Mike is available to speak at conferences, seminars, and training events. He also regularly contributes to journals, magazines, trade press, and radio & TV, as an expert on mediation in general, conflict resolution, and on psychological aspects of conflict.

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